Declaration and Change of Major

A student will be admitted to the specialization program after successfully completing the Mathematics Course and the two English Courses (1&2).

Implementation Procedures:
  1. The Registration Office will write to the educational departments at the beginning of each semester requesting the number of students required for each Major and the enrollment requirements if there are any.
  2. A student must complete the Major Declaration Form during the period specified in the academic calendar and through the Intranet services.
  3. The Registration Office, through coordination with the ITC, will sort the forms using the SIS and distribute the students on Majors.
Change of Major Rules

A student is allowed, when it is possible, to change his major within the college once only and after one semester. A change of major is not allowed for students studying for the Bachelor degree.

Implementation Procedures:
  1. A student must complete a Change of Major Form during the period specified in the academic calendar.
  2. The chairmen of the departments concerned will specify the courses that a student passed which are relevant to the new major and write to the Registration Department to count these courses for the student if the transfer is approved.
  3. Courses studied by the student and not accepted by the new department will be registered in the student's record and added to the hours earned but not counted in a student's cumulative GPA.