Academic Advisory

The students' advisory system aims at the following:

  • Following up the student's course of study and registration of courses according to the study plan.
  • Interpreting academic rules and regulations for the student.
  • Solving a student's academic problems.
  • Furnishing a student with the graduation requirements and information that determines a student's academic obligations during the course of study in the light of college regulations.


Implementation Procedures

Each student is assigned a faculty member as an academic advisor when he starts studying in the Preparatory Year or in the specialization department.

  1. The advisor helps the student in confirming the pre-registration proposed by the Students Information System (SIS) during the specified periods.
  2. The academic advisor helps the student in the final registration of courses in the SIS and according to the plan of study.
  3. The academic advisor follows up the student's performance during the scholastic semester and may refer him to the Students Affairs Department if needed.