Water Resources Engineering Lab

Introduction to Laboratory

Water Resources Engineering Laboratory contributes mainly teaching in the Civil Engineering Department. It provides support in a wide range of specialized areas of water resources engineering analysis and hydraulic structural analysis to the students.

This includes: Study of Hydraulic Bench, Head Loss by Friction, Determination of Meta centric Height, Impact of Jet, Dead Weight Pressure Calibration, Flow Over Weirs, Minor Losses, Measurement of Flow in Pipes, Verification of Bernaulli's Theorem, Hydrostatic Pressure

Course supported includes:

CE 205, CE 311, CE 427


Dr. Yasir Salih Ahmed Ali

Lab. Coordinator

Location: 193

Tel #: 00966-13-3402000

Ext.: 2046

Email: aliy@rcjy.edu.sa

Multipurpose teaching flume.jpg

Multipurpose teaching flume


Study of uniform and non-uniform discharge, flow formulae, flow transition (hydraulic jump), energy dissipation (hydraulic jump, stilling basin), flow over control structures: weirs (sharp-crested, broad-crested, ogee-crested), discharge under gates, flow-measuring flumes, local losses due to obstacles, transient flow: waves, vibrating piles, and sediment transport

Hydraulic Bench.jpg

Hydraulic Bench


Studying the usage and performance of hydraulic bench and to measure the rate of flow by observing level difference in the storage tank.

Fluid Friction Apparatus.png

Fluid Friction Apparatus


Determination of pressure loss due to friction and friction coefficient in a rough pipe and smooth pipes of different diameters.

Hydrostatic bench.jpg

Hydrostatic Bench


Study of the main properties and the behavior of  liquids under hydrostatic conditions

Dead Weight Calibrator.png

Dead Weight Calibrator


Calibration a Bourdon Pressure Gauge using patron equipment of calibrated weights.

Flow over Weirs.png

Flow over Weirs


Study the flow characteristics through rectangular and V shaped (triangular) weirs made on a thin wall with sharp threshold.

Flow Meter Demonstration.png

Flow Meter Demonstration


Calibration of venturimeter and orifice meter and use it for finding the discharge through a pipe.

Hydrostatic Pressure.png

Hydrostatic Pressure


Determination of position of the Centre of Pressures on a flat surface partially / fully submerged in a liquid at rest.

Hydrostatic Pressure.png

Metacentric Height


Determination of metacentric height and hence to study the stability of a floating body

Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration.png

Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration


Demonstration of Bernoulli's theorem, which states that the total energy is a constant in all the sections are same.

Osborne - Reynolds' Demonstration.png

Impact of a Jet


Determination of force made by a jet against different surfaces and compare the results with the theoretical values

Orifice Discharge.png

Orifice Discharge


Study of the flow characteristics through a weir with a rectangular and V-shape neckline, made on a thin wall.

Osborne - Reynolds' Demonstration.png

Osborne - Reynolds' Demonstration


Observation of the laminar, transition and turbulent

Regime, study of the velocity profile, reproducing the Osborne Reynolds's experiment. and Reynold's number calculation.

Laminar Flow Demonstration.png

Laminar Flow Demonstration


Study of the bi-dimensional problems associated with laminar flow

Rainfall Hydrograph Apparatus.jpg

Rainfall Hydrograph Apparatus


Obtaining the storm hydrograph for an impermeable catchment for different distribution of rainfall over the catchment.