Environmental Engineering Lab

Introduction to Laboratory

Environmental Engineering Laboratory contributes mainly teaching activities as in the Civil Engineering Department. It provides support in a wide range of specialized areas of Environmental Engineering analysis and public health engineering to the students.

This includes: Determination Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in the Water sample, Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in the water sample, Standard Jar Test.

Course supported includes:

CE 445  and  CE 221

Lab. Coordinator

Dr. Muhammad Saleem

 Location: 197

Tel #: 00966-13-3402000

Ext.: 2386

Email: saleemm@rcjy.edu.sa

BOD Apparatus

Env. Lab.png 

BOD Bottle or an incubation bottle is a main apparatus used for the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) test. During the 5-day BOD or BOD5 test process, the BOD bottle is used for incubating diluted samples under the 20 °C or 68 °F of temperature

COD Digestion Heater

COD Digestion Heater.png 

Digestion device for COD, TOC, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in water samples of the digestion process, digestion temperature, digestion time can be at 37-165 ℃ ,0-480 minutes in selection




It is an optical instrument for measuring the intensity of light relative to wavelength. It is used in measuring chemical oxygen demand (COD) of wastewater samples.




It is used for heating and drying of samples.

Lamotte smart 3 colorimeter.png

Lamotte smart 3 colorimeter


Colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field or in the lab. Its software allows the analyst to choose a test factor from over 80 pre-programmed calibrations for LaMotte reagent systems.

Turbidity Meter.png

Turbidity Meter


It is used to measure the turbidity (or cloudiness) of water and wastewater sample.

Turbidity Meter.png

KERN PLS Weighing Balance


It is used to measure the weight of specimen in the lab.

HI 207 pH meter.png

HI 207 pH meter


Determination of pH in water and wastewater samples

Isotemp Heater and Stirrer.png

Isotemp Heater and Stirrer


It is used for stirring and heating of specimen. 

Laboratory Water Bath.png

Laboratory Water Bath


It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time.

DO 6  Dissolved Oxygen temperature.png

DO 6 + Dissolved Oxygen/temperature


It is used to measure Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature simultaneously.

Jar test apparatus.png

Jar test apparatus


Understanding the process of coagulation and flocculation using ferric chloride as chemical coagulant to remove turbidity of water. It is also used to understand the adsorption phenomena of removing

color from a water sample by using Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).


APEL AP-1000M Photometer


High precision Mobile Colorimeter for testing water quality.

Hanna HI 2211 PH ORP Meter.png

Hanna HI 2211 PH/ORP Meter


It is used to measure pH, temperature, ion concentration (ISE) and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in the mV range.

Hanna HI 9142 DO Meter.png

Hanna HI 9142 DO Meter


It is used to measure Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature simultaneously.

Hanna HI 99301 EC TDS meter.png

Hanna HI 99301 EC/TDS meter


It  measures High Range conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature

NS 750 Aerator.png

NS 750 Aerator


It is used for aerating the water and wastewater samples.