NFPA Approved Fire Safety Training Facilities

Labs/workshops currently being built include the following:

1.   Fire Alarm Signaling Lab

A lab where trainees will work in various fire alarm signaling systems common in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

2.   Fire Protection Hydraulics Lab (NFPA Approved)

A lab designed by Jensen Hughes where trainees will get hands‐on experience with equipment and instrumentation in fire water services such as hoses, hydrants, fire pumps.

3.    Fire Protection Systems Lab (NFPA Approved)

A lab where trainees will work hands-on in water and foam based fire suppression systems.

4.  Fire Chemistry Lab

A science based lab designed by FTT UK, where the trainees will get some understanding of fire characteristics of solid and liquid combustibles and their effects on selection of materials for domestic, commercial, and industrial premises.

5.   Fire Protection Design Lab

A Computer lab to provide design experience in various water and foam based fire protection systems using Pipenet and Elite.

6.   Fire Suppression Lab

A special fire suppression lab to include:

  • Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System
  • Water Mist Fire Suppression System
  • Dry Chemical Water Suppression System
  • Clean Agent NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression System