Fire Safety Inspection Certification Program

1.Basic Details

2.Program Graduate Competencies:

3.The Training Plan:


1. Basic Details:

  • Designed for Fresh High school graduates – based of NFPA 1031 (Fire Inspector)
  • Total Program duration: 66 weeks
Program phases: four phases as follows:

Phase I: 32-weeks

Intensive English Language Program

Phase II: 12-weeks

Numeracy, basic science.

Phase III - Technical Phase 1: 14-weeks

Fire Safety Technical Core courses.

Phase IV - Technical Phase 2: 8-weeks
Inspection Courses based on National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Level I certification.

2.Program Graduate Competencies:

Upon successful completion of this phase, the trainees will:
  1. Identify the ignition sources and inspect materials to determine how fires start. 
  2. Inspect facilities to determine fire protection system requirements and problems in areas such as water supplies, exit locations, and construction materials.
  3. Inspect buildings to locate hazardous conditions and fire code violations such as accumulations of combustible material, electrical wiring problems, water supplies, and inadequate or non-functional fire exits. 
  4. Identify corrective actions necessary to bring properties into compliance with applicable fire codes, laws, regulations, and standards.
  5. Conduct inspections and acceptance testing of newly installed fire protection systems.
  6. Inspect and test fire protection and/or fire detection systems to verify that such systems are installed in accordance with appropriate laws, codes, ordinances, regulations, and standards.
  7. Conduct fire code compliance follow-ups to ensure that corrective actions have been taken in cases where violations were found.
  8. Inspect properties that store, handle, and use hazardous materials to ensure compliance with laws, codes, and regulations, and issue hazardous materials permits to facilities found in compliance.
  9. Write detailed reports of fire inspections performed, fire code violations observed, and corrective recommendations offered.
  10. Recommend changes to fire prevention, inspection, and fire code endorsement procedures.
Arrange for the replacement of defective fire protection equipment and for repair of fire alarm and sprinkler systems, making minor repairs such as servicing fire equipments.
3.  The Training Plan:

Phase I: English Phase (32 weeks)
The candidates who will request for exemption of English Phase will be required to pass English Proficiency test. If they will pass the test, they will be enrolled directly from Phase II.

Phase II: 12 Weeks Science

(11 weeks teaching + 12th week for final exam)
Seq #
Course code Course Title Course Contact Hours
Total in Phase

Dept. / Section Offering

Theory Lab
1. FST 001



3 3 66 GS
2. FST 002



4 - 44 GS
3. FST 003 Basic Physics 3 3 66 GS
4. FST 004 Computer Applications 0 3 33 MIT
5. FST 005 Industrial Safety and Environment 2 0 22 ME
6 FST 006 Introduction to Fire Protection Technology 3 0 33 Fire Safety


Total Hours 15 9 264 hours

Phase III:  14-Weeks Technical Phase I

(13 weeks teaching + 14th week for final exam)


Seq #
Course code Course Title Course Contact Hours ​ ​

Dept. / Section Offering

Theory Lab Total in Phase
FST 007 Computer Assisted Drafting 0 3 39 ME
FST 102 Fire Protection Hydraulics and water supply 2 4 78 Fire Safety
FST 104 Fire Alarm Signaling system 2 4 78 Fire Safety
FST 106 Life Safety 3 - 39 Fire Safety
FST 107 Fire Protection Systems 2 4 78 Fire Safety


Total Hours 9 15 312 hours


Phase IV:  6-Weeks Technical Phase II  

(Includes NICET Level 1 Certification Preparation using Training Modules that are based on NICET Level 1 & Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement Course).

Seq #
Course code Course Title Course Contact Hours ​ ​

Dept. / Section Offering

Theory Lab Total in Phase
FST 108 Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm System 2 4 42 Fire Safety
FST 109 Inspection and Testing of Water Based Systems 2 4 42 Fire Safety
FST 110 Inspection and Testing of Special Hazard Systems 2 4 42 Fire Safety
FST 113 Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 4 - - Fire Safety


Total Hours 10 12 154 hours


  1. Assessment Criteria
    Each phase will be followed with final examination week after completion of course work and candidates will be required to pass all courses in each phase to proceed to next phase.
  2.  Certification issued
    Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all candidates who will attend program. 
    The candidate who will be successful in all phases of program will be issued with "Certified Fire Safety Inspection Specialist". The certificate issuing authority will be Jubail Industrial College. 
  3. Cost of Fire Safety Inspection Program (66 weeks)
Certification Program Duration

Group of Participants


Group of Participants (5-9) Group of Participants (10+)

SASF Members (Saudi Association of Safety and Fire)

Fire Safety Inspection Certification Program 66 weeks SR 64,000 SR 61,500 SR 58,000

SR 58,000