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On behalf of all staff in the student’s affairs, I would like to welcome all the JIC students on this website. Also, I wish you find the presented ​information are enough and useful for you. Finally, I would like to inform you that, the student’s affairs is pleased to receive any comments made by yo​u that will be useful to the development of this website.


Working hand in hand with other departments in the college to develop opportunities for students to b​ecome productive citizens through the creation of challenging environments that contribute to students' intellectual, physical, social, cultural and moral growth.


Providing an integrated care to the students from the day they join the college until the day they leave it in terms of student’s services, guidance & counseling, dormitory, security, library, and registration.

Dr. Fadye S. Al-Fayad  
Deputy, Students Affairs

Departments and Units
Departments and units of Student Affairs

All the Departments in the Student Affairs are focused on meeting students' needs. The departments work to help students in regards with food, housing, textbooks, entertainment and more. Also, the student’s affairs provide learning environments and leadership opportunities that lead to intellectual development through the following departments:

  1. Department of Student services

    The goal of the student services department at JIC is to ensure the continuity of providing students with a positive educational experience by maintaining consistency of access to the available resources and support services.
    Student services department is designed to:

    • Arrange for workshops that improve the student’s strategies, and techniques to enhance academic success.
    • Arrange for physical and social activities that satisfy the student’s needs.
  2. Department of Student counseling

    The goal of JIC Counselors is to assist all the JIC students with their social problems and any other personal goals.
    Educational Counseling Services are designed to:

    • Arrange for lectures that improve the students strategies, and techniques to enhance academic success.
    • Work with students to resolve personal concerns that may interfere with the ability to succeed.
  3. Department of student dormitory

    The department of JIC student dormitory provides Residential Life that combines living and learning in environments that enhance students’ academic and personal growth. The department of JIC student dormitory provides high-speed Internet access in every room, with wireless access in most common areas. Residential buildings are classified as the following:

    Old designed buildings:

    Building from 1 to 16 built since 1984. These buildings contain 552 rooms where, each room can accommodate three students.
    The satellite connection is provided for each room.

    New designed buildings:

    Building from 17 to 28 built since 2006 and 2010. These buildings contain 1248 room where, each room can accommodate two students.
    Each building contain recreation room that contains billiard and pool table, table tense and baby foot and TV with satellite.

  4. College library

    The goal of the JIC College Library is to foster learning among students, staff and the community through access to its collections, and with a staff dedicated to excellence to provide the services needed to access information in the world's resources.

  5. Department of safety and security

    The goal of the JIC safety and security department is to ensure the continuity of providing students with a safe and secure environment in the college premises as well as the implementation of the college regulations.

  6. Department of Student admission and registration

    The goal of the Student admission and registration department is to arrange for the continuous admission of students to the college as well as arranging the required documentations when they leave the college.
    Department of Student admission and registration is responsible for the following:

    • Announcing for the admission time, procedures and requirements.
    • Arranging and conducting the final admission procedures.
    • Arranging for the degree documentations and graduation ceremony.
Contact Information

Tel:  +966 (13) 340-2111/2149
Fax: +966 (13) 341-2126
Dr. Hussam Jabbad
JIC Deputy, Student Affairs