Administrative and Financial Affairs


Greetings to all. It is a pleasure to welcome you to this page. The Administrative and Financial Affairs is united with other departments of this college and RC toward achievement of the general mission of the college which is sustaining a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. Your precious comments and suggestions are always appreciated.


To provide outstanding service to JIC community in coordination with RC and the Government departments and agencies.


Planning and Executing the tasks relating to College Administration, Finance & Accounting, Facilities and Community, Procurement, Communications, Print Shop and Personnel Affairs.

Khalid Mohammed Al-Qahtani   

Director, Admin & Financial Affairs

Administrative Affairs Unit

It is responsible for coordinating employees’ affairs between JIC & RC and employees’ relations with government departments and relevant agencies, Sending and receiving mails from or to JIC and controlling the incoming and outgoing calls.

Accounts Unit

It is responsible to adjust the total receipts and payments by recording all financial transactions and the preparation of financial reports and final accounts. This unit is divided into two parts:

  • Special Programs and Continuing Education Fund:
  • Student Fund:
Purchasing Unit

This unit is responsible for the procurement of materials and equipments for the college in coordination with other departments and RC. It handles the Porter service for college properties. Also it’s in-charge of JIC Warehouse.

Operation and Maintenance Unit

The unit provides the following:

  • Janitorial and Catering services inside JIC
  • Follows up JIC maintenance contract in coordination with RC Buildings Department.
  • Takes over new buildings within JIC.
  • Follows up and coordinates with RC Departments regarding the conservation of outdoor plants and outdoor cleaning within JIC premises.
Print Shop

This unit is responsible for printing and purchasing Books, Study materials, note books and stationery for the students and distributing them.

Contact Information

Tel: +966 (3) 340-2152
Fax: +966 (3) 341-2008
Khalid Mohammed Al-Qahtani
Director, Administrative &Financial Affairs