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The Quality (ISO) has been considered one of the most important means and techniques that ensures work standards and upgrades the level of performance in the present age which is called ' the ISO Era ' by some thinkers. Quality is no longer a luxury to which the service and profitability institutions yearn, or a substitute to be applied or abandoned by the systems raised, but it has inevitably become an urgent need dictated by the movement of contemporary life- which is evidence of the spirit survival and the survival spirit of the organization. As a result, Jubail Industrial College has sought to apply Quality Management System ( ISO 9001 )that is laid down in all administrative and educational procedures and prepared an ambitious plan ended with gaining a Quality Certificate which represents the beginning to enter a quality world.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The quality can be merely realized through the establishing a sound intellectual approach on which the administrative and educational process runs, and which ensures the addition of sciences and knowledge got by the student, moral values-based system, human relations systems, advanced means of communication, and other needs that make both employee's and student's lives inside the educational institutions a pleasure. Jubail Industrial College, therefore, regards all its faculty and trainees as the mainstay to continue excellence to access to and maintain the highest quality.


Quality Policy

Jubail Industrial College (JIC) is proud to be a unique educational Organization, known for its services, as well as for its practical and educational Outcomes.
The College provides the market with outstandingly educated and trained Human resources in both the technical and business sectors.
The College is fully committed to continual academic development It Provides qualified personnel and uses new technology to meet and satisfy Job market needs, while fulfilling the requirements of companies and Industry.
The College is also committed to implement and abide by all legislation and regulations with regard to its various activities' for comprehensive implementation of the above, the College is committed to applying the ISO 9001Quality Management System.

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Tel : +966(3)340-2116
Email : isocommittee@jic.edu.sa OR Garni_ma@jic.edu.sa
Mansour A. Al-Garni
Quality Center Director

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