Library Procedures


1. The users are allowed to use the library resources inside the library and they can borrow the library materials under the circulation rules.
2. The users are not allowed to put the books on the shelves. The staff will arrange the books on the shelves.
3.If a book is out on loan the user can reserve it.
4. Costly materials like CDs, dongles and multimedia can be borrowed after signing a form and the borrower will be responsible for such materials.
5.The borrower will be responsible for the borrowed materials.
6.The borrower should read the library circulation rules.
7. User must not to write anything on the book.
8. A book may be renewed only once before due date provided the book in question is not in demand by other members.
9.The borrower should return the book before the due date if asked.
10.All books must be be returned before the end of the semester or before the start of the vacation.
11. Some books can be issued to a chairman for long duration to develop course material or curriculum.
12. The Librarian can borrow the library materials.
13. A company employee can borrow books if he has permission from his company.

14. Books may be borrowed as follows :

Borrower....No.of Books..Duration
Teacher...........6...............60 days
Student...........4..............15 days
Staff/Emp........4..............15 days
Others.............2..............15 days


The borrower can renew the books or library materials in three ways if the material is not overdue :
1. Come to the library for renewal.
2. Call the circulation desk.
3. By email to the library or directly through the intranet using the library system.
Library materials that cannot be borrowed by the students :
1. Reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases etc.
2. Non-print materials like CDs, DVDs, videotapes etc.
3. New Magazines
4. Reserved Books
5. Text Books


The library organises a book reservation scheme. The reservation forms are available.
1. A teacher can reserve books for his students and these books will not be issued.
2. Librarian can also reserve the book if it is required.
3. The reserved books can be issued only in two ways :
I. The reserved book can be issued inside the library for a maximum of 2 hours by the users. The Librarian will decide the time of the issue if there is rush for the same book.
II.The reserved book can be issued one hour before closing time and the borrower will have to return the same next day before 8 A.M.


1.If a borrower is late in returning books or any materials, then the software will calculate the fine :
1. SR 1 per day up to 90 days.
2. The borrower will not be allowed to borrow books if he is late more than one month.
3. If the borrower is late for 3 months then the book will be considered as lost and borrower will have to pay twice the cost of the book.
4.If the borrowed book is required by the library then the library can ask for the return of the book. If the borrower does not return the book and if this happens twice then his membership of the library may be cancelled for one semester.
5. If the borrower is late three times, then his membership may be cancelled for one semester.
6. If the book is required by the library and the library asks for its return but the borrower does not return it then he will be fined SR 2 per day.


1.If a book is damaged or lost, then the borrower should bring a new copy of the same book or should pay twice the cost of the book and 25% extra (processing charges).
2.If the borrower does not pay then the amount will be deducted from his salary.


1. A first reminder will be sent to the users.
2.After one week a second reminder will be sent.
3. After one week more a third reminder will be sent to the chairman of the department concerned for staff and to the advisor for students. If the borrower still does not return the book then the amount will be deducted from his salary.
4.When the money is received it will be recorded in the system and the book will be deleted from the system.


Staff, students, trainees etc. will take clearance from the library when finally leaving the college.



Study Room, Internet Lab., Multimedia Room, Class Room, will be allotted as follows:
1. A Study room can be reserved by filling the form and stating the usage duration.
2. A study room should be used for study and group study only.
3. The study rooms are for students, teachers, individuals or groups.
4. The Multimedia room/Internet Lab can be reserved by teachers only.
5.The person in the study room will be responsible for everything inside the room.
6.If there is any damage or problem, then the user will have to pay the charges and he will not be allowed to use the room in future.
7.The employee will open the room to the users. When leaving the room the user should ask the employee to check & close the room.


1. The users are requested to observe the opening and closing hours of the library.
2. The library furniture, tools, books etc. should not be damaged.
3. Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the library. Using mobile phones is not permitted inside the library. Users in sleeping dress are not allowed to enter the library.
4. All users should follow the rules and regulations. If a student does not follow the rules, then his name may be sent to the Disciplinary Committee.