Department News

Department Activities – Corrosion Seminar:

M&MET Department in collaboration with the Faculty Development Unit (FDU) organized a seminar on Corrosion, on Tuesday 15th April 2014. The seminar was conducted by distinguished Dr. Gasem Fallatah, Head of NACE International West Asia & Africa region.


Dr. Gasem initially explained the mission of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International, which has more than 30,000 members, to protect people, assets and the environment from corrosion.


Dr. Gasem shared the experience of some local industries where corrosion had detrimental effects in regard to deterioration of equipment, facilities and environment. Furthermore, he stressed on making concrete policies to corrosion controls.


The lecture was followed by a question & answer session, where the participants got an opportunity to explore new avenues of corrosion.


Photos of the seminar:




Department Activities – Training on Flow Serve Valves:


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department in collaboration with the Faculty Development Unit (FDU) organized a presentation and training session on 'Control Valves' for its faculty on Tuesday 4th March 2014. The training was conducted by Mr. Reid Wayman, General Manager of Flowserve Co., Ltd.

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The main focus was on how to select the control valve body based on controllability, cost and reliability. The capabilities of flow serve valves in handling wide process control applications for flow, pressure and temperature were also discussed.

The training was concluded with hands-on training session on calibration and operation of pneumatic valve actuator. The attendees gained knowledge and skills in setting, controlling and operating control valves for different monitoring conditions.