Department Facilities

The MIT Department is housed in a new two-storey state-of-the-art building. The ground floor consists of six (6) specialized computer labs, six (6) EMBA rooms, four (4) small staff offices, two (2) large staff offices, five (5) sitting areas and six (6) classrooms. The first floor consists of six (6) classrooms, four (4) large offices, seven (7) small offices, three (3) conference rooms, a chairman‟s office, four (4) sitting areas and six (6) computer labs. Each classroom and conference room has a capacity of at most thirty five (35) students while a computer lab has a capacity of a maximum of twenty five (25) students (except for the specialized computer labs which is limited to fifteen students).
The educational technological facilities used at the MIT Department include:

  • Fully fitted computer labs with specialized equipment for some IT courses
  • Instructional technologies like laptops and projectors
  • Information network (Intranet and Internet) connections in the labs and classrooms
  • Internet and intranet connections for all student and faculty members
  • SMART boards in EMBA classrooms and computer labs
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Wi-Fi hotspots for wireless connection all throughout the building


The faculty offices are equipped with PC‟s, printers and supported by photocopiers. The department also has access to college equipment, facilities and services including electronic library and media services for printing and publishing. Textbooks and lecture materials are regularly reviewed for their relevance and appropriateness to the learning needs of students

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Office Simulation Center

The character of the Office environment has changed considerably in recent years, and with it, the role of the office worker. One of the major influences has been the increased reliance on electronic technology. Today, computers are utilized in telecommunications, Internet, information processing, reprographics, records management, and inventory control. With the existence of computer networks, these business functions have become more interdependent, necessitating the integration of systems and procedures.
These changes in today's office have created a demand for office workers with a broader variety of skills, an awareness of the interrelatedness of office functions, and knowledge of new procedures and terminology. In addition, today's employees are expected to demonstrate good human relations skills, exercise sound judgment, be cost-conscious and apply time-management principles. The Office Simulation Center modules are designed to prepare students for employment opportunities in today's rapidly changing business environment.
The Simulation Center is designed to be a work environment where students can apply what they have studied theoretically to practical assignments and exercises.

Specialized Computer Labs

The MIT Department has established five (5) state-of-the-art specialized IT labs, designed to support the delivery of several courses that are part of the COIT Major (including MIT 173 PC Building and Maintenance, MIT 171 Data Communication and Networks, MIT 261 Network Operating Systems, MIT 263 Internet Services Management and MIT 273 Systems Administration) and also, host industry courses of similar specialization.
As a dedicated environment, these specialized labs promote best practices and provide students with a rich and comprehensive hands-on experience, enabling them to learn respective subjects practically with training equipment and facilities that are currently unique in Saudi Arabia, including Computer Troubleshooting Trainers, Practical Network Cabling Systems and Practical LAN Trainers that are also supported by respective Instructor Modules.