Program Advisory and Evaluation Committee – INCT Program


Name Position Company
Dr. Riyas Sharafudeen,Assistant Professor, INCT Course DirectorJubail Industrial College
Dr. Mohammed El-ZagheidAssociate ProfessorJubail Industrial College
Dr. Amir HussainAssistant ProfessorJubail Industrial College
Dr. Raed AwadAssistant ProfessorJubail Industrial College
Mr. Majid Al HazzaInstructor, Coop training coordinator   Jubail Industrial College
Mr. Saleh Al ZahraniAnalytical Support Services SupervisorSadara
Mr. Saad M Al-ThiyabLaboratory Supervisor, Quality AssurancePetrokemya
Mr. Ahmed Al MuqitLaboratory Supervisor,Saudi Kayan
Mr. Mohammad Hiji Al-MusalamiLaboratory Supervisor, Quality Assurance  Sadaf
Mr. Muhanad Khalawi Laboratory ManagerJubail United Petrochemical Company
Mr. Mishal M. Boshlaibi    Laboratory Supervisor, Quality AssuranceSatorp
Dr. Haytham Mohammed Al-JabrSenior ScientistSABIC

PAEC News :

PAEC Meeting No. 392-01

The meeting was held on Tuesday March 19, 2019 in the Chemical Engineering Building.  Five INCT faculty members and three representatives from the industries.  The committee discussed about the software skills required for the graduates. The committee also requested the industries support for conducting a survey for collecting the requirements for online analyzer technicians and bachelor graduates from INCT. The data collected will be send to management as part of initiation for establishing these programs in the major.  The representatives from the industries shared encouraging feedbacks about the subject and they appreciated the performance of INCT diploma graduates in the industrial laboratories. 

PAEC Meeting No. 391-01

On November 27 2018, this meeting was conducted, five internal members from the INCT major and two members from the industry was attended. The committee discussed about the scope for injecting energy efficiency topics in various INCT subjects. This will make awareness regarding the need for energy conservation for future. In addition, the committee discussed about the expected skills by the industry from the INCT graduates. The suggestions were considered in the curriculum review. The committee ask the industrial members to increase the cooperative training opportunities for the INCT students. 

PAEC Meeting No. 382-01

On April 3, 2018, the meeting was conducted, five internal members from the INCT major and one member from the industry was attended. The committee discussed about the need for online process analyzer technicians for the industries. The objective of this discussion was to create a minor specialization for the INCT graduates in the area of online analyzer technology. The feedback form industry was very encouraging since they are hiring electrical instrumentation graduates for this position and they are weak in analytical side. Hence, if INCT graduates can get training on the instrumentation side it will enhance the employment opportunities for INCT graduates. Also the scope for bachelor program was discussed in this meeting.

PAEC Meeting No. 381-01

The meeting was held on November 28, 2017 and was attended by five members from the academe and four members from the industries.  The committee reviewed course descriptions of new proposed courses about laboratory safety and introduction to industrial chemistry principles as part of curriculum review. In addition, feedback about the course contents for the existing different courses in INCT major. The feedback from the industrial representatives was encouraging and they proposed different topics. Also the committee informed about the current R&D activities for industries through INCT major.

Photos of the PAEC meeting: