Role and Function



Role and Function of the Committee​

The committee will:​

  1. Conduct internal exercise (self evaluation) and prepare in co-ordination with the different departments documents for ABET accreditation of JIC AS engineering programs. 

  2. Assessment & Evaluation of Documents for Continuous Improvement.

  3. Recommend any changes, amendments, developments needed and required for ABET accreditation and submit such recommendations to College Management for approval and implementation.

  4. Arrange ABET-related workshops/seminaries for JIC staff.

  5. Arrange visits, establish links, and invite delegates from other institutions following ABET EC2000 criteria.

  6. Establish the JIC ABET Accreditation Project office.

  7. Establish the JIC ABET project website and Launch the JIC ABET Accreditation.

  8. Establish the Alumni website.

  9. Coordinate with the departments to prepare the different programs Self-Study Reports as ABET standards.

  10. Coordinate with the departments to prepare materials to be displayed permanently as part of ABET requirements.

  11. Coordinate and prepare for the ABET on-campus visit.​