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Welcome to the Deputyship of Curriculum and Quality Assurance (CQA). The deputyship was formed in 2012 (1433 H) to promote and maintain quality in all what we do in the college for    education and training. It is our strategic mission to make JIC as the center of excellence for quality education and training. In pursuit of this, we have set up four units in the deputyship namely curriculum, academic accreditation, faculty development, and statistics and information units which will broadly encompass our work on quality.


Through the links shown on this webpage, you will be able to know the role and objectives of each unit along with the contact information for each unit.


To empower the college with quality control tools and quality assurance measures in its bid to become the preferred seat of technical education and training in the country.


The primary role of the C&QA deputyship is to reinforce and enhance quality culture in the college on all matters which concern the formal instruction of the college including curriculum, functions that impact the quality of students’ learning outcome and services that support the process of teaching and learning.


Dr. Anwer S. Al-Zahrani 
Deputy, Curriculum and Quality Assurance

Curriculum Unit
Role of the Unit

Provide 3rd party advisory and consulting services to the academic departments and the College Management for the development, revision, implementation and evaluation of all award-bearing programs of the college.

Objectives of the Unit

To oversee the implementation across the college of the organisation’s strategy for quality assurance on education programs vis-à-vis curriculum and teaching, including procedures to ensure that:

  1. all award bearing programs of study are subject to periodic monitoring and review in accordance with the requirements of the organisation;
  2. arrangements for external examiners are securely in place, and appropriate action is promptly taken where necessary to address issues raised in external examiner’s reports;
  3. a proactive role in promoting quality culture in curriculum design and implementation is pursued.


Academic Accreditation Unit
Role of the Unit

Provide national and international recognition to the college programs by engaging accreditation bodies of repute.

Objectives of the Unit

Its main objectives are to:

  1. Draw strategies for Academic Accreditation.
  2. Prepare the college programs for national and international accreditation.
  3. Promote the culture of accreditation in the college community.
  4. Provide the college with the necessary infrastructure and tools that support accreditation activities.
  5. Establish expertise in the local and international accreditation.


Faculty Development Unit
Role of the Unit
  1. Provide JIC staff with a comprehensive range of academic developmental activities and services.
  2. Create an environment that facilitates and promotes effective teaching and learning, professional development, applied research, college/community services.
  3. Promote faculty development to enable faculty members to reach their highest potential in conducting teaching or applied research activities.
  4. Assist faculty members to attain their highest potential in teaching.
  5. Enhance a sense of collegiality among faculty as they expand their intellectual, teaching, and scholarly horizons.
  6. Contribute in achieving quality performance in the college.
Objectives of the Unit

Its main objectives are to:

  1. Develop and implement policies as well as strategies in order to develop the skills of the teaching staff in the college.
  2. Provide instructional assistance to faculty on campus.
  3. Provide faculty with resources and experiences that enhance teaching and learning.
  4. Supports JIC faculty towards the attainment of its professional development objectives.
  5. The center contributes in the academic development through its efforts in the faculty members’ performance appraisal survey, conducting training programs, lectures and seminars.
  6. Enhance the teaching effectiveness of faculty at JIC.
Statistics and Information Unit
Role of the Unit

Support the various decisions of the management, academic departments and other agencies of the college via creation of an information base, and preparing diagnostic statistics and reports.

Objectives of the Unit

Its main objectives are to:

  1. Develop and operate a statistical system which provides a comprehensive range of statistical products and services to meet the information needs of the college management.
  2. Develop appropriate methods for the collection, processing and dissemination of statistics on students, alumni, faculty, award bearing programs, industrial training services, and the job market, which are timely and relevant.
Contact Information

Tel:  +966 (13) 340-2276
Fax: +966 (13) 341-1258

Dr. Anwer S. Al-Zahrani 

Deputy, Curriculum and Quality Assurance