Professional Development Unit (PDU)

Jubail Industrial College is committed to providing high quality, highly relevant professional development for all the staff. This occurs via the Professional Development Unit; through the efforts of all departments and as a part of management of individual courses under the direction of the course directors.

The Professional development unit works in collaboration with all educational and administrative departments. In preparing departmental and individual development to addresses key concerns in staff and corrective measures are taken such as in-house training, external training, seminars, presentations, attending conferences and technical exchange meetings.

Objectives of the Unit:
  1. Attain organizational excellence through professional development.
  2. Create a professional development culture that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and teamwork through taking part in different professional development activities.
  3. Promote professional development plans for all faculty and staff members that would inspire workplace best practices.
  4. Identify faculty and staff needs pertaining to professional development on a regular basis.
  5. Define areas of research and interest of all faculty members to encourage participation in various professional development programs.
  6. Align all professional development activities to the strategic initiatives, management requirements and teachers' needs.

Responsibilities of the Unit:
  1. Analyze professional development needs of all faculty and staff members.
  2. Design professional development plans by the beginning of each year based on the needs of faculty and staff members.
  3. Develop proper channels of communication with potential presenters and speakers.
  4. Implement planned professional development events taking into consideration coordination with relevant parties sector-wide.
  5. Evaluate each event comprehensively upon receiving feedback from all concerned parties.
  6. Submit a report to the Deputy in regards the professional development activities conducted.
  7. Coordinate and collaborate with potential educational and professional bodies.
  8. Fulfil academic and professional needs and interests of all JIC staff in specific, and the region in general.
  9. Support staff career planning.
  10. Work on any other assigned task(s) required or suggested by the Deputy of Curriculum and Quality Assurance.