Faculty Development Unit (FDU)

Jubail Industrial College is committed to providing high quality, highly relevant faculty development for all faculty. This occurs via the Faculty Development Unit; through the efforts of educational departments and as a part of management of individual courses under the direction of the course directors.


The faculty development unit works in collaboration with all educational departments. In preparing departmental and individual development plans. A FD committee liase's with JIC management and departments. The plans address key concerns in faculty and corrective measures are taken such as in-house training, external training, seminars, presentations, attending conferences and technical exchange meetings. In the past academic year departments have carried out several in-house training sessions, in-house presentations, faculty attended technical exchange meetings and conferences.

Faculty Development Policy

Faculty development has become an important component of teaching. Faculty development activities are designed to improve teacher effectiveness at all levels of teaching and diverse programs are offered to the faculty.

Faculty development refers to 'that broad range of activities, institutions use to renew or assist faculty in their many roles'. That is faculty development is a planned program to prepare institutions and faculty members for their academic roles and to improve individual's knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, research and administration. The goal of faculty development is to teach faculty members the skills relevant to their institutional and faculty position and to sustain their vitality both now and in the future.