Fire Safety Training Center

Jubail Industrial College has established a Center for Training in Fire Safety and Fire Protection Engineering for both Saudis and Non-Saudis.

Mission of Center

"Promote safe working environment and develop positive safety culture by providing high quality and innovative training programs which meet international, industry and regulatory standards."


The center offers:

  1. Courses on safety, protection, and prevention of fire
  2. Internationally recognized fire certificate courses
  3. Certification programs to advance careers in fire safety
  4. Laboratory facilities for hands‐on experience in fire safety, fire protection, and fire chemistry
  5. Customized training programs and courses as required by the clients

Please follow the links below:

Training Options

NFPA Courses and Certification Programs

Fire Safety Certification Programs
​Onsite Fire Safety Courses (Fire Fighting)
​​Customized Fire Safety Short Courses

NFPA Training Calendar

Course Descriptions for Certification Programs